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Beth Duman, CPDT - KA
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Wolf ID  Book
Learn to train your dog using positve dog-friendly methods
Differentiating Great Lakes Native Wild Wolves from Dogs and Wolf-Dog Hybrids
Feed your beloved pets safe, healthy food formulated  by holistic veterinarian
Dr. Jane Bicks
Enthralling programs for all ages about  wolves or "wise dogs",  compassionate dog training and learning to "make the world a better place, one wag at a time."
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Dental Teeth Whitener GUARANTEED to reduce plaque on your dog or cat's teeth within 30 days. This stuff works or get your money back! Click on the image to learn more
Clicker Training Books, DVDs and Supplies
Beth's Training Book & Companion CD
The Evolution of Charlie Darwin
Partner with Your Dog Using Positive Training
Natural Wholesome Ingredients
No Corn or Wheat
Compare Your Food to Life's Abundance
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All profits go to non-profit rescue groups
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Charlie Darwin Showing Off His Fund Raising Skills to Victoria Stilwell
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